Surbhi Valentine Mix Mouth Freshener

Surbhi Valentine mix Mouth freshener Mukhwas is a Sweet Fragrant instant mouth refreshing. Saunf is a colorful Indian- after-meal snack or digestive aid widely used as a mouth freshener, especially after meals. It contains Confectionery, Suger, Fennel Seeds, Coriander Pulse, Various Seeds, Licorice, Musk Melon & Spice Extract. Fennel Seeds Reduce Asthma Symptoms, Helps Purify Blood, Improves Eyesight, Keeps Cancer Away, Helps Regulate Blood Pressure and many more benefits.

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Surbhi have a premium range of churan,mukhwas,mouth freshener,candy,mint sonf,dry fruit and dehydrated vegetables.Carry Surbhi Valentine Mix Mouth freshener Mukhwas Pouch along to enjoy in Breaks, Traveling & Picnics. Helps in digestion & improves stomach health. It cures mouth odor and makes a fresh mouth. Yet another delicious product from the Finest collection of Mukhwas, Supari Churan’s, Goli, and Fruit candies from Surbhi.

Surbhi excels in procuring the most regional delicacies to ensure that traditional and healthy, and Fine food is accessible to everybody across the country.

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