Surbhi Coconut Mukhwas


Arvind Udyog Manufactured Surbhi Churans And Mukhwas Premium Range.


Surbhi Coconut Mukhwas-Surbhi Narial Mukhwas Have A Premium Taste Of Mukhwas.It is beneficial for Immunity, mouthwatering and mouth freshening. It Helps to get rid of garlic, onion and other bad odor. SURBHI coconut mouth Freshener, we offer is something you would love to relish as this product is a fine blend of many fragrant and flavorful sonf and other edible products. The SURBHI Coconut Mouth Freshener leaves a long-lasting refreshing aftertaste in your mouth. The product is made with extreme care and packed in a manner that its taste and flavor remains intact for long. One of the best mouth freshener for serving in anywhere.

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