Surbhi Jaljeera Masala


Surbhi natural fresh jaljeera masala makes a tasty spicy drink that gives relief on sunny days from heat. Mix 2 Teaspoons full of Jaljeera Powder in a glass of Coldwater and stir and you have a very delicious spicy appetizer ready to drink. This Masala can also be used for sprinkling on Dahiwada, & Masala Soda or Lemoned.
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Surbhi Jaljeera Masala-Carry Surbhi Fresh Jaljeera Masala with Spicy garam masala Pouch along to enjoy in-home, Traveling & Picnics. Helps in digestion & improves stomach health. It cures mouth odor and makes a fresh mouth. Yet another delicious product from the Finest collection of Mukhwas,  Churan’s, and Fruit candies from Surbhi.

Surbhi excels in procuring the most regional delicacies to ensure that the traditional, healthy, and Fine food is accessible to everybody across the country.

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