Surbhi Chatpata Amla Churan Goli


Arvind Udyog Manufactured Surbhi Chatpata Amla.
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Surbhi Chatpata Amla-The Surbhi chatpata Masala Amla Candy is popular amongst Indians. Chatpata Masala Amla candy or Indian gooseberry is probably the healthiest candy. Surbhi chatpata Masala Amla Candy is delicious, healthy and spicy. They are absolutely amazing and good to get the clutch of sweet taste. It is a good source of vitamin C, iron and minerals, it helps to boost immunity and regulates metabolism.Total Weight-200 Gram.
Surbhi Surbhi Chatpata AmlaArvind Udyog manufactures and Trading a wide range of Mouth Fresheners, Mukhwas Supari’s, Churan under the brand name Surbhi at reasonable prices.
Surbhi Chatpata Amla makes by client requirement. It is very taste and delicious product.

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Popular items from SURBHI Churan &Mouth Fresheners ( Safar Ka sachha sathi)



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0.5 Kg, 1 Kg, 100gm, Large Can, Mini Can


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