Newton Dehydrated Blueberries


surbhi churn and mouth freshener Present Dried Blue Berry With Premium Taste.Dried Blueberries Among the other berries, blueberries are the most nutritious and rich in anti-oxidants. Blueberries are delicious but low-in calorie. They can be used as a normal snack item or used in baking cakes or blueberry muffins. You can use it as an additive to your breakfast cereals.Blueberries are harvested at the best condition and sourced from California, USA. They are packed carefully in a resealable packet to retain the freshness of the berries and store them for a long time. blueberries blueberries dried without sugar dried blueberries dry blueberries.


Newton Dehydrated Blueberries-Dehydrated blueberries are fresh blueberries left to dry to conserve them over a longer period of time. By leaving the fruits to dry, they lose the fruit juice. Fresh blueberries are perishable. That way the blueberries are dry and can be used at a later time without getting spoiled.TOTAL Weight-250 Gram.

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