Surbhi Mumbaiya Mix Mouth Freshener


Arvind Udyog Manufactured Surbhi Mumbaiya Mix Mouth Freshener Mukhwas.
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Surbhi Mumbaiya Mix Mouth Freshener-Best Tasty Mumbaiya Mix Mouth Freshener.We offer a vast range of high quality versatile Mumbaiya mix having tender taste, Surbhi Mumbaiya Mix not only improves digestion, but also reduces bad breath and body odour that originate in the intestines. Sonf is a colourful indian after meal snack or digestive aid widely used as a mouth freshner especially after meals. Surbhi Mumbaiya mix has ingredients  green sounf, jintan goli, misri, dates etc.
Surbhi Mumbaiya Mix Mouth Freshener-Arvind Udyog manufactures and Trading a wide range of Mouth Fresheners, Mukhwas Supari’s, Churan under the brand name Surbhi at reasonable prices.
Surbhi Mumbaiya Mix Mouth Freshener makes by client requirement. It is very taste and delicious product.

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Popular items from SURBHI Churan &Mouth Fresheners ( Safar Ka sachha sathi)



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