Surbhi Yummy Spicy Kali Mirch Candy Mouth freshener


Kali Mirch candy has a real taste of kali Mirch (black pepper). Vintage style boiled sugar confectionery with lemon flavor. Pop em up anytime for that much-required Sugar rush. Easy to carry and apt for Outings or Breaks or Movies or Picnics or just Anywhere.


Carry Surbhi Yummy Spicy Kali Mirch Candy Mouthfreshener Mukhwas Pouch along to enjoy in Breaks, Traveling & Picnics. Helps in digestion & improves stomach health. It cures mouth odor and makes a fresh mouth.
Arvind Udyog manufactures and Trading a wide range of Mouth Fresheners, Mukhwas Supari’s, Churan under the brand name Surbhi at reasonable prices.